Construction site development

The Offer is addressed to:
INVESTOR - who wants to start an investment proficiently and on time without waiting for the general contractor to be chosen and full mobilization of the construction company or designer, and who is looking for a way to optimize the costs of realization and preparation of their investments;
GENERAL CONTRACTOR - who is looking for partners well oriented in Polish building regulations and city of Warsaw realities, who needs the support with the development of projects for construction site organization and facilities and with acquisition of legal agreements necessary to start construction works, and above all who plans to use the services of many subcontractors on a limited area of construction site;
DESIGNING OFFICE - that is acting under the pressure of time deadlines and is looking for savings, and to cope with will commission the development of some project elements to subcontractors;

Offer includes:
Preparation of site development design in the area:

  • planning of the construction site operation, which is: distribution of land into working areas, storage areas, social areas, communication areas
  • layout of the construction site elements which are: gates, inner passageways and exits and their labeling in accordance with safety regulations, the designation of parking spots and space for storage of equipment, materials and waste
  • distribution of water supply, sewage, electrical, lighting and telecommunication on the site
  • safety guidelines for storage areas of materials and waste, in particular for the dangerous or potentially dangerous
  • guidelines on protection solutions for construction sites, traffic routes, work areas at a height of over 3 meters, the existing greenery and the installation and existing buildings meant to be left untouched
  • guidelines for media connections which is water, electricity, telecommunications and sewage from municipal networks systems

This offer can be extended with:

  • temporary traffic designs for the duration of construction works in scope of technical documentation and obtaining agreements
  • temporary connection designs of water, sewer, electricity, telecommunications supply for the duration of construction works in scope of technical documentation preparation and obtaining connection conditions and design approvals
  • cost estimations

Basic offer assumes the development of documentation in Polish language, however it is possible to extent your order with the translation and submission of documentation in the selected languages.

Offer will be adopted to individual requirements of a client, and requires an individual evaluation.